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Puree Recipes

Purees (fruit, vegetables and legumes, blended to a soft, creamy liquid or paste) are great starter foods for babies.

Making your own baby purees isn't difficult and homemade really does taste, smell and look better than jars of pre-prepared baby foods.

As a baby only eats tiny amounts, especially during the very early stages of weaning, it saves a lot of time to make up bigger batches and freeze in individual portions.

Freezing not only allows you to be organised for mealtimes, but it also provides a great opportunity for you to mix and match different fruit and vegetables together in more flavoursome combinations. Many of these recipes give combination ideas.

Of course, purees aren't limited to babies. Use these purees to extra nutrition, flavour and texture to oatmeal, yoghurt, smoothies, sauces and baked goods. Some vegetable purees also make a great family side dish.