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Healthy Recipes for Babies, Kids and Families

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How to Raise a Healthy Little Foodie

Raising Healthy Little Foodies is more that just serving healthy meals to our children. It involves many factors such as child involvement, continual exposure, scheduled mealtimes and mindful eating. Learn more in this free e-book!

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Healthy Lunchbox Ideas!

Are you looking for recipes and ideas that are perfect for the lunchbox? These recipes are nut-free, store well and many are freezer friendly...

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Amy Whiteford Standing in Kitchen
I understand that...
feeding children isn't always easy.

Like all parts of parenting, what works for one child doesn't always work for another, if only it was that simple! Don't give up, you are in charge of what, where and when you feed your child. Your child is in charge of how much and what they eat of that. If you are providing balanced, healthy meals you are doing your job as a parent.

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