Homemade butter. Butter made in a jar, a great activity to get kids cooking

Homemade Butter

Butter made from shaking cream in a jar. A great activity for kids.
Author Amy Whiteford


  • Whipping Cream (Heavy cream)


  • Fill a thick glass jar with the cream (1/4 - 1/2 full)
  • Pop the lid on and shake vigorously.
  • Continue to shake until the cream thickens, remove lid and let your kids have a small taste!
  • Pop the lid back on and continue to shake until you hear liquid (buttermilk) sloshing around the jar.
  • Remove the butter milk, pop the lid back on and shake again to release any more butter milk.
  • Drain any more butter milk from the jar and then remove the butter.
  • Rince the butter under the water and then serve.


Keep refrigerated.